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Vince Oral Rinse

For happy, healthy gums

Our Story


Gregory R. Abate, DDS, owner of Abate Dentistry in San Jose, has practiced dentistry in the local community for 34 years. He graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, earning a degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery and was awarded the Thomas P. Hartzell Award for Clinical Excellence in Periodontics.

Upon graduating in 1985, Gregory R. Abate, DDS began working with his father, Edwin G. Abate, DDS, at Abate Dentistry in San Jose, CA. Gregory R. Abate, DDS specializes in both cosmetic and general dentistry and provides excellent aesthetic and restorative dentistry, utilizing innovative technologies and techniques. Dr. Abate is an active member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the California Dental Association, and the Santa Clara County Dental Society.

So, where does VINCE come into the picture? . . . 

While stationed on Guam as a practicing dentist in the Navy, Dr. Abate's father discovered an amazing dental product called VINCE, which had been utilized in dentistry since 1927. He placed sailors on VINCE due to the their poor gingival and periodontal health conditions, and upon their return to his clinic a few weeks later, their symptoms had vanished. As a result of his father’s incredible success with VINCE in the Navy, both Dr. Abate and his father recommended VINCE to patients over the years and witnessed substantial improvement in their periodontal health. 

As time passed, VINCE became more difficult to attain, and he needed a solution for his patients' periodontal pain. So in 2015, Dr. Abate purchased the rights and trademark to VINCE and dedicated over three years perfecting the proprietary formula and ingredients. Finally in October 2018, he began manufacturing and selling VINCE as we know it today. Dr. Abate truly believes that a smile creates pathways to happiness, and in using VINCE, you can improve your overall dental health.

Evolution of VINCE

Historical Newspaper Ad.


VINCE circa 1960's


VINCE in 2018